We Honor Those Who Sacrifice

We Honor Those Who Sacrifice We understand that our community’s first responders and military make personal sacrifices in order to protect and to serve our families, our community, and our country. Not only do we recognize their sacrifice, but we also wish to honor them by providing an outlet for their health and wellness.  With honor, we extended an open invitation to all local first responders including law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMTs and paramedics, currently serving and retired, to participate in all Yoga and TRX classes at Foundation Wellness at a reduced cost of $5 per class. We also proudly offer this opportunity to all active duty and retired armed service members in our community. Classes at Foundation Wellness offer unique techniques to combat the stress incurred on the job – which can enhance strength, insurance and focus while in the field. In addition to stress management, our teachers offer effective ways to reduce the effects of PTSD and anxiety with breathing techniques that directly regulate the nervous system.  We welcome all first responders and military members to learn more about our class offerings. For more information about how our classes can benefit you, please visit www.foundation-wellness.com  Foundation Wellness is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to providing fitness and wellness opportunities for South Lyon and our surrounding communities. We proudly offer a full schedule of Yoga and TRX classes in addition to individual coaching, functional movement screening, nutrition education, and other wellness opportunities in both an individual and group setting.