Move into 2020

The principal “The Universe Has Your Back” is so powerful and also so scary when you really feel it. I have been lead down a path and each stop has served a unique purpose. I remember every conversation that led me to where we are today. The people I have come in contact with, and the words we shared, have transformed my vision and fueled my passion. Over the course of the last year, I have learned that life is about transformation and growth, but I have also learned there are places where I need to be still and places I need to heal. To recognize these feelings was a start. But to tackle them and to change them in a way that can impact thousands requires something more. In April of this year, just 9 months ago, Footprints Fitness became Foundation Wellness. The name change of our organization, and placing physical roots, began the next chapter for our nonprofit organization. This past year has been incredible – bringing yoga back into my life allowed me to focus on the areas of my personal journey that still needed healing. Movement in the form of yoga provided me the missing pieces for how I can help make a profound difference in the lives of others through this nonprofit journey.  Heal, Grow and Thrive! These are the cornerstones of my personal story. However, my story isn’t unique. We all need to find the healing and personal growth that comes with a focus on movement. You must MOVE to be healthy in body and in mind. The mental health improvement that comes from physical exercise matches the impact of pharmaceutical drugs. Learning self-control in a space that is safe and promotes so much more than physical fitness can transform lives.  While our shift at Foundation Wellness may seem subtle, we are acutely focused on movement and providing access to everyone in our community. We seek to empower, educate, and be a space of healing for everyone. We will continue to offer low-cost classes, however, we are also offering specific programs at NO COST to those in need of support from disease or recovery, thus deepening our connection and commitment to the community. Everyone deserves access to programs that promote healing and growth!  For those teachers and members who have been here with us from the start, thank you doesn’t seem enough, you are the reason we push ourselves to be better.  And for those of you who are new, come join our community and begin your personal journey to heal, grow, and thrive!  Everyone is welcome.