YOU are a Priority!

Heal, Grow and Thrive in Healthy Body and Mind

“My journey with Foundation Wellness began over 30 years ago. Since childhood, I have battled with my weight and health. These personal struggles, and understanding of their unique challenges, led me to my current path of helping others prioritize their health and wellness. As a yoga teacher and yogi, runner and weight lifter, I understand the mental side of fitness, health and being well. Through yoga, I have emotionally healed and found a way to use the functional side of yoga to compliment my other forms of exercise. I believe that everyone should have some form of yoga in their life, no matter where they are in their journey.”- Stephanie Rife-Organizational Founder

Stephanie’s wellness journey is at the heart of our mission statement at Foundation Wellness:


Impacting the quality of health in our community, we are dedicated to creating accessibility for healing and positive transformation through education, empowerment, and movement.

Our Goals

  • Improving the quality of health in our community
  • Creating accessibility to healing
  • Driving positive change through education and movement 
  • Inspire transformation through empowerment